the gist.

The days of watching your games collect dust are over. 

Everyone loves a good board game, but there are two glaring issues preventing more and more people from trying new titles: cost and storage. 

While the cost to purchase a new game continues to grow, your space to store these games certainly does not. 

That's where the Game Gang enters the fold. Our goal is to allow people to enjoy board games without commitments to high cost and storage issues. Through our rental program, you can order games right to your door, for a fraction of the cost of owning a new game

We buy the games. You reserve the ones you want. 

We'll drop them off at your home, office, and just about anywhere else. 

At the end of your rental period, we'll pick them back up from you. No more traveling to the store, no more hourly fees, and no more full price games. 

The Game Gang strives to celebrate what makes game nights fun - the variety, ease, and the memories made with friends and family. Get started today, and let us be a part of your next game night!

our policies.

Q: How much does it cost to rent games?

A: On our games page ["the games"], you will see each available and reserved game, categorized into a colored background. Each colored category represents the price for renting a particular game. 

Q: How do rentals and rewards work?

A: A rental must contain at least two paid games. Additional games can be either paid games, or reserved using your earned rewards points. After game rental is completely returned on time without damage, you will receive 5 rewards points to use towards your next rental. 

The next time you rent, you want 1 rust game ($15) and 1 slate game ($10). You will pay a rental fee of $25 and can select a sage game ($5) for free if you decide to use your earned rewards points

You can also decide not to use your points and to save up for a different rental category for the future.] 

Reminder: There is a 2 game minimum for all game rental orders. Redeeming your rewards points will only apply to the additional games in your order, and will not contribute to covering the cost of the 2 game minimum. 

Q: How long is the rental period?

A: Our rental period is 5 nights! Games are dropped off to you on the date requested before 7pm. Games need to be repackaged and set back outside your door by 7am on the fifth day of rental for pick-up. Exceptions or adjustments can be coordinated before the rental begins, if needed.  (Ex. Thursday drop off, Tuesday pick-up)

Q: Where do you deliver games?

A: We are currently delivering to these areas of Charleston:

Q: What happens if the game gets damaged or we misplace pieces of a game?

A: If a game is returned with missing or damaged parts, a fee will be charged to your card on file based on the damage assessed. If the game is returned in a state in which it is no longer playable, your card on file will be charged the full MSRP to replace the game. 

This includes, but is not limited to: water damage, fire damage, animal/human damage, missing components. 

Q: What if I don't return my game at the end of my rental period?

A: If the game is not placed outside your door in time for pick-up, your card will be charged for an additional rental period, and pick-up will be set for the following week. 

This continues each week the game is not returned, until the full MSRP has been met, at which point the game now belongs to you.

the buyer program

Are you hoarding stacks of games you no longer use, or simply no longer enjoy? Let us help. 

Send an email to with the names of the games you'd like us to take off your hands. We will send you an estimate & work with you to set up a time to pick up for further assessment. 

Become a part of the Buyer Program today!